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We take a collaboration-first approach to helping your organisation, school or community get future fit.

Innovation design
and delivery

Learn Lab blends the best of human-centered design, agile and design sprints into a structured approach for rapidly exploring new opportunities, big and small.


Helping organisations structure their innovation experimentation.

LearnLab is our unique approach to structuring innovation programs. It combines the power of design thinking, Agile and Google Design Sprints into a structured process that allows teams to rapidly experiment and develop divergent solutions to complex problems.

LearnLab is both a process and a toolkit. The implementation of LearnLab involves working with your leadership team to define strategic focus areas, before working with champions and the wider organisations to build capability to self-run LearnLab iterations.

The methodology emphasises establishing a robust structure for innovation; capturing of lessons learnt along the way; and the rapid testing of solutions to generate immediate results.

Teach by Design

Our unique Teach by Design methodology helps schools and teachers harness the power of design thinking for impactful curriculum design and lesson planning.

Helping teachers harness the power of design thinking

Teach by Design takes a practical approach to leveraging the best of design thinking, and customize it for the teaching environment. The methodology focuses on providing a structured, useful process for teachers to develop powerful new content and programs to deliver in their schools and classrooms.

Whether it be a single PD day, or a wider transformation program, we can work with your school to utilise design thinking to deliver amazing learning outcomes.

The Teach by Design Bootcamp

Our Teach by Design bootcamps are intensive, 1-day sessions through which we introduce a cohort of 15 - 25 teachers to the core principles of design thinking and the Teach by Design framework.

Bootcamps are run publicly on a recurring basis, and can also be run within a school or specific learning area, on request.

The Teach by Design Toolkit

The Teach by Design toolkit is our curated collection of design thinking resources for teachers and the education ecosystem, including Skills of the Modern Age's 'Teach by Design' toolkit.

The toolkit includes 28 free canvasses, tools, case study and examples for teachers interested in bringing design thinking into their classroom.

Culture Program

Our Customer Culture Program is a culture-first methodology for building customer-centric organisations.

Helping organisations create leading customer cultures.

Customer Culture is a transformation program for organisations looking to take dramatically improve their customer experience outcomes in a structured way.

The program includes intensive skills-building sessions that build capability through the creation of critical CX deliverables for your organisation, including personas and customer journey maps.

The program helps embeds a culture of CX in your organisation through the creation of ongoing CX ideation and implementation routines.

CX+ Platform

Helping leaders automate their CX management.

The CX+ Platform brings together all of your CX knowledge into one simple, beautiful and easy-to-use platform. It help CX leaders creates stunning customer personas, interactive customer journey maps and provides a central place to store and manage all of your CX experiments.

Culture baseline

Measure your organisation's current culture and habits against the 7-pillars of a leading Customer Culture.


Deepen your understanding of your customers through the development of rich customer personas.


Map current and future state service journeys for your core products and services.


Identify, prioritise and and measure targeted improvements to your customer experience.

Innovation Sprints

Team work makes the dream work - our Innovation Sprints will help your team or organisation get future fit.

Discover new

Ideation session

Not your usual post-it notes and butcher paper, our ideation sessions are fast-paced collaboration workshops that result in identifying real opportunities for your focus area.

Futures Thinking

A collaborative workshop that identifies strategic areas of opportunity by exploring the emerging forces and trends impacting your organisation.

Explore and
refine new ideas.

Design sprint.

A fast-spaced, rapid-development process that is focussed on creating a viable solution to an organisational problem or opportunity using a design-led approach.


We can help design and facilitate an internal or external 'hackathon' - a proven way to use the power of people to crowdsource solutions to defined problems and opportunities.

and grow.


A structured approach to idea incubation, our Accelerator Programs helps teams develop, launch and scale solutions over a 6 - 12 week intensive mentorship process.

Innovation program design.

We can work with you to identify emerging needs and develop bespoke future skills learning programs for your teams and wider organisation.


Innovation health check.

Through a rapid 60-minute process, we can help leaders understand how their teams think about innovation and how their innovation programs are tracking.

Future of Work diagnostic

Our unique Future of Work Index diagnostic tool can help you identify capability strengths and opportunities by measuring your teams' readiness and sentiment for the future of work.


Innovation definition.

This hands-on workshop for Innovation Directors and Executive teams will aid you in defining your innovation ambition and set a guiding light for your innovation program.

Scenario planning.

Understand the forces impacting on your industry and develop future scenarios that inform the future product and customer strategy for your organisation.

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