We help you learn the skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

Whether you're an startup, small business owner or work in a large organisation, our programs will help you learn a new skill, find a new passion or simply get up to speed with the changes in your industry.

Our workshops


Design thinking
for innovators

Design thinking

Learn the foundations of design thinking in this interactive masterclass for innovators and startups.

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Lean Mean
UX machine

Lean usability testing workshop

Become a lean UX master with this hands-on workshop on how to rapidly test your product with customers.

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of growth

Growth marketing workshop

Explore the growth marketing approach and design effective growth experiments to turn your product into a rocket-ship.

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Service design
for delight

Service design workshop

Make your customers love your business by designing services that delight using persona, journey mapping and modern service design practices.

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+ 3D printing

3D printing workshop

Learn how to design and 3D print your very own models in this hands-on workshop in partnership with Solder prototyping lab.

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that rocks

Customer research workshop

Gather insights faster and with more certainty using design-led research practices that have a real impact on your products and business.

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Intro to front-end code workshop

Start your journey as a master of HTML and CSS in this introductory front-end development workshop.

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Instant Insta &
Facebook marketing

Social media advertising workshop

Unleash the power of your social pipes with this practical social media marketing workshop covering Facebook and Instagram.

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Excel and SQL workshop

Crunch those numbers in this introductory data science workshop covering Excel and SQL.

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Branding workshop

Make your brand have meaning and stand-out from the crowd by exploring your why, messaging and positioning.

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that sell

Content marketing workshop

Create content that converts by learning how to craft a great content strategy that connects with your customers.

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Product management workshop

A masterclass in managing, iterating and improving products through modern product management approaches.

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Community lunch / masterclass mashup

Each month we host a community lunch / masterclass mash-up to we explore a new skill or technology in a workshop-style format facilitated by leading members of the local community.

Over 600 people have joined us for lunch to learn about diverse topics such as product management, corporate innovation, product management and virtual reality.

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Helping your organisation get future fit.

We work with you to create bespoke learning experiences that meet the needs of your teams.

Bespoke workshops

Any of the above programs can be delivered just for your team, making it more contextual and suited to specific organisation's needs (minimum of 8 participants).

Ideation Hackathons

The 'hackathon' approach is a proven way to engage your team in rapidly developing solutions for currently known problems and solutions.

Futures Masterclasses

We can help source leading innovators in your industry to up skill your teams in the technology trends and market forces effecting your business.

Human Centered Design Training

All organisations must learn to embrace design thinking to deeply understand the needs and jobs to be done of their customers.

Workshop facilitation

SOMA can assist in planning and facilitating ideation sesstion, innovation workshops and future skills thinking.

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