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Futures Skills.

Build your innovation and design muscle through hands-on, practical learning experiences that deliver real impact.


Design thinking for innovators

Design thinking workshop

Learn the power of design thinking and how a human-centred approach to solution developement can help build better products and services.

Lean mean innovation machine

Lean startup workshop

Use the lean startup framework to rapidly explore new opportunities and gather meaningful insights through iterative developement.


Research that rocks

Customer research workshop

Gather customer insights faster and with more certainty using design-led, rapid research practices that have a real impact on the design of your product or solution.

Empathy in innovation

Customer empathy workshop

Ensure you're solving real customers problems by deeply understanding your users' needs, wants, goals and motivations through structured empathy building strategies.

and prototyping.

Product Powerhouse

Product management workshop

Learn leading product management techniques, tools and frameworks that help you build solutions your customers will love and grow your skills as a product manager.

Rapid prototyping

Prototyping workshop

Test your solutions earlier and avoid waste by undertaking rapid prototyping approaches that challenge your product assumptions.


Service design that delights

Service design Workshop

Don't let your service experience be an accident - design services that truly delight your customers by learning structured service design techniques.


Design Jam

Join the design movement in a 2-day, immersive learning experience covering all things design thinking, service design, and experience design.

100% natural, enriching learning. No artificial facilitators.

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Workshops with impact.

Cutting-edge content.

Our workshops cover the emerging skillsets of the modern workplace. We draw on the most up to date frameworks, models and tools to ensure you're ahead of the curve.

Leading experts.

We've ver world-class learning progpartnered with the best local experts in their field to delirams right here in WA. Our teachers are passionate, people-focussed and always happy to help.

Practicality over puff.

Our programs are focussed on hands-on, practical application without all the puff of standard classroom training. We focus on experiential learning, drawing on case studies and activities to apply the learning.

Just for you andyour team.

We can help your organisation get future fit through tailored skills workshops for your teams.

Any of our future skills program can be delivered onsite for groups of up to 30 people. We work with you to customise the content based on your teams needs in order to deliver an amazing, impactful learning experience.

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