Art + 3D Printing • Perth Workshop

Art +
3D printing

Learn how to design and 3D print your very own models.

Next up 6pm - 8pm, Wednesday 20 June Solder Labs 191 St Georges Tce, Perth WA Register

Get creative with 3D printing.

Heard the hype about 3d printing, but haven't had the pleasure of trying it out yourself? Join Solder prototyping lab and Skills of the Modern in this interactive, hands-on workshop where you'll learn basic 3d modelling, design and modern prototyping.

Over the workshops you'll learn how 3d printing technology works and get an opportunity to be creative by designing, printing and taking home your very own 3d model.

What you'll learn


How to design your own 3D model using simple modelling software.


Understand how 3D printing works, the variations in approaches and how it is being applied in industry.


Setting a print for success and how to print your own 3D model.

"The workshop was a great introduction to 3D printing and I loved that I got to design and take home my own prototype."

Chloe Marketing Manager

The lowdown

Why is
this important?

3D printing has long been the stuff of science fiction. However, it is become inexpensive and increasingly available, opening up a plethora of creativity and business options to explore.

Who is
this for?

This is an introductory workshop aimed at people who have limited or no experience with 3D printing. Everyone is welcome, whether you're coming at it from an industry or creative perspective.

What do I
need to bring?

The software modelling component of the workshop will require a Wifi-enabled laptop that has a modern browser. We will supply the internet and all other materials and let you get to creating!


3D Printing Guru

Sam is a passionate educator and technologist, having worked as the Technology Lead for Gecko Steps, a STEM program for primary school students, and now as the Hardware Lead for Solder. Sam is a student of Curtin where he is studying a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Mechatronics.

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The run sheet

Welcome & Intros.

Say g'day and get to know your fellow 3D printers.

How does 3D printing work, why the hype?

Explore how the 3D printing process works by visiting the Solder prototyping lab. View printed models in action and explore 3D printing use cases and applications.

Learn the basics of 3d modelling software.

Be guided through the process of modelling for 3D printing. We will use an open-source, browser-based software provider for our modelling.

Design and print your own 3D model.

The majority of the session will allow time to design your own 3D printing 'sculpture' based on a design brief. After the session we will print the model for you, ready for you to pick up within 7 days.

"A truly immersive hands-on course with invaluable insights and take home learnings. The coffee's pretty good too!"

Derek Design Manager

Next up 6pm - 8pm, Wednesday 20 June Solder Labs 191 St Georges Tce, Perth WA Register

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