Empathy in innovation| Perth Customer Empathy Workshop


in innovation

Step into the shoes of your customers and understand what they really want.

Customer empathy is king.

3 hours • From $149 per person • Available for teams and groups

Empathy is a critical mindset for any product or innovation leader. Your ability to understand and tap into your users intrinsic goals, needs, pains and wants is important to the design of any product or service experience.

However, empathy is a learned skill – it is something that needs to be honed to design truly user-centric solutions. This workshop provides professionals the tools to develop a robust empathy mindset that can be incorporated into their product planning and design process.

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Why is
this important?

Deep customer empathy is at the core of any great product. As innovators and solution designers, we need to deeply our customers in order to develop truly meaningful solutions that will actually work.

Who is
this for?

This workshop is for anyone currently building solutions in a complex environment. Whether you're a product manager, marketing or HR professional - everyone can benefit from having a structured approach to developing customer empathy.

What do I
need to bring?

Nothing! Just your creativity. This is a device free workshop. We'll supply all the canvases, tools and materials for the session.

What you will learn

Creating proto-personas.

Capturing the needs of your archetypal users or stakeholders through the creation of proto-personas.

Jobs to be done.

Using the ’jobs to be done’ framework to understand the real problem a solution is solving for.

Empathy mapping.

Understanding the pain, gains and emotions of a user stakeholder through empathy mapping.


Design Guru

Nate Sturcke is passionate educator and supporter of the local Perth innovation ecosystem. Over the last 5 years Nate has worked with over 1,000 entrepreneurs through a variety of programs, including the Silicon-Valley based Founder Institute accelerator; Google-backed Startup Weekend; and RAC SeedSpark seed fund. In both 2017 and 2018, Nate was awarded the WA Startup Community award for his role in promoting early stage entrepreneurship throughout the state.

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"A great workshop, fully loaded with inspiration for real-world application of innovation principles."

Amanda, SME Director