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Lean Mean
UX Machine

Learn how to rapidly test your product with customers and gather meaningful insights.

Get sharper insights, faster.

2 hours • $99 per person • Discounts for teams and groups

Lean Usability Testing is a sophisticated and structured methodology that endeavours to assess the designs or services created, ultimately allowing customer insights to be turned from observation into action.

This hands-on workshop will take participants on a journey of learning how to evaluate their product or website using the core elements of the Lean Usability Testing framework. This will begin with effective planning, approaches of execution and results analysis.


Why is
this important?

Usability Testing can reveal deep insights about your users and the products you offer to them. By running usability tests you can uncover how you can improve the experience and overall product offering to your target customers.

Who is
this for?

This workshop is for any one interested in improving their products using a user-centric approach. From designers, startup founders, business owners or marketers - everyone is welcome.

What do I
need to bring?

To make the session as practical as possible, please bring an idea of the website or product you would like to test. Please have a laptop, mobile or computer handy to view your target website or product on. We will cover the rest!

What you will learn

Planning and recruiting a UX test.

How to prepare, plan and recruit participants for a successful usability test.

Conducting meaningful UX tests..

How to create effective test scenarios and facilitate an effective usability test.

Unsurfacing insights and uncovering findings.

How to analyse research findings and create opportunities for product, service or website improvements.



onathan Steingiesser is the Principal Design Researcher at MYOB where he divides his time between design strategy, customer research, coaching and service design improvements. Jonathan brings a hefty combination of technical skills, creative vision, and innovative thinking to every project he directs. With over 14 years of design experience in retail, tech, nonprofit, mining and education sectors, Jonathan has fostered a passion for design innovation and continuous improvement.

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"This workshop was succinct, to the point and valuable as a working tool that you can take back to work and begin applying."

Ben, UX Design