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Rapid prototyping techniques for your product or service.

Build, test, learn, repeat.

3 hours • From $149 per person • Available for teams and groups

Gone are the days when extensive business plans rule the world of product development. The ability to rapidly prototype your ideas and test their core assumptions with your users is critical to the speed, efficiency and ultimate success of your products and services.

This workshop will share with you the knowledge, techniques and tools to develop your prototype using the most resource efficient means possible. We'll explore lo-fi and digital based approaches to prototyping that will arm you with the knowledge and tools to develop the first version of your product or solution.

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Why is
this important?

In our fast moving world, our ability to rapidly explore new ideas in a resource efficient way is critical to the success of the business. Prototyping increases the chance of product success by getting our solution or service into the hands of our customers as quickly as possible.

Who is
this for?

The need to prototype extends far beyond product developers - this is a critical skill for anyone developing solutions to business problems. If you have ideas that you would like to test before making a significant investment, then this is the workshop for you.

What do I
need to bring?

To make the session as practical as possible, please bring a solution or idea that you will like to focus on during the activities. We'll supply all the canvases, tools and other materials used throughout the session.

What you will learn

Planning for your prototype.

Learning how to break down your project into its core assumptions and identify the most important elements to test first.

Tools and techniques.

The techniques used to establish your prototype, including lo-fi models such as paper prototypes and digital models that utilise leading online tools.

Prototyping strategies.

Exploring the different approaches that can be used to develop your prototype, including concierge models, Wizard of Oz, Flintstones and 'smoke and mirrors'.


Design Guru

Nate Sturcke is passionate educator and supporter of the local Perth innovation ecosystem. Over the last 5 years Nate has worked with over 1,000 entrepreneurs through a variety of programs, including the Silicon-Valley based Founder Institute accelerator; Google-backed Startup Weekend; and RAC SeedSpark seed fund. In both 2017 and 2018, Nate was awarded the WA Startup Community award for his role in promoting early stage entrepreneurship throughout the state.

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"A great workshop, fully loaded with inspiration for real-world application of innovation principles."

Amanda, SME Director