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Service design that

Make your customers smile with truly delightful service experiences.

Experience matters.

3 hours • From $149 per person • Available for teams and groups

At its core, service design is about ensuring a service meets the needs and goals of its users. At its best, it has the ability to take a mundane or routine experience and surprise, delight and make the experience truly meaningful.

This workshop will provide you with a core understanding of the service design framework and the impact it can on organisations and users in a variety of industries and sectors. Featuring best-practice case studies and hands-on activities, this workshop will guide you through the process of mapping and improving real-life experiences in your organisation.

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Why is
this important?

Every interaction is an opportunity to exceed the expectations of your customer. Service design is a structured approach to ensuring every touchpoint in your customer's experience is not only meeting their needs, but building engagement and loyalty too.

Who is
this for?

This workshop is for product managers, marketers, designers, founders and UX specialists - it is intended as an up skilling exercise for those currently or about to undertake customer research and want to take their skills to the next level.

What do I
need to bring?

Just your creativity! This is a computer free workshop. We will provide all the tools and materials required for session. It is recommended you come with an experience in mind to use for the activities in the session.

What you will learn

The service design philosophy.

Understand the core principles of service design and learn how it fits into a wider design toolkit.

Customer persona mapping and blueprinting.

How to develop customer personas of your service stakeholders and design a great experience through a service design blueprint.

Applying service design in your organisation.

Explore best practice service design through practical case studies and real-life examples.


Design Guru

Jethro combines a Human Centred (Service) Design practice with 15 years of social services leadership. Over time in that sector, Jethro has a pursued a keen interest in the design of human-centered, results-focused, innovative support services.

Jethro most impactful design project was Anglicare's Foyer Project, which provides a long-term avenue for homeless youth through education and meaningful work. He oversaw the development of the Foyer Oxford project, a purpose-built set facility designed to house 98 young people onsite at the Central Institute of Technology Campus in Leederville. Jethro is a passionate designer and has recently completed his Masters in Design.

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"A truly immersive hands-on workshop with invaluable insights and take home learnings. The coffee's pretty good too!"

Derek, Design Manager