Innovation Tools.

We've got the tools to help you bring future skills thinking into your organisation or team.

of Work Index

Is your team ready for the future of work?

Our unique Future of Work Index helps leaders develop meaningful capability programs by understanding their team members readiness and sentiment for the future of work.

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The RapidDesign Sprint Toolkit

The toolkit for Design Sprint facilitators and leaders.

The Rapid Design Sprint Toolkit contains 18 tools and canvasses to help you run an impactful, human-centred and outcome-focussed Design Sprint.

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Elevator Pitch

The ice-breaker for smart creatives

Elevator Pitch is a creative, team-based ice-breaker for workshops and events. It's Cards Against Humanity meets Dragons Den, perfect for entrepreneurs, innovators and workshop facilitators who are looking to kick their programs off with a bang.

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We use canvases in our workshops to capture learnings and bring key ideas to life.

Assumption Canvas

Identify why your customers are really buying your product or service.

Used for: Lean customer research.

Big Bet Canvas

Bring to life potential future areas of focus for your organisation.

Used for: Ideation workshop.

Curiosity Canvas

Brainstorm potential information sources that will inform your lean customer research approach.

Used for: Lean customer research.

Interview Canvas

A simple framework for creating meaningful interviews to capture product or service feedback from your customers.

Used for: Lean customer research.

Know your data

Use the Pirate metrics framework to identify the key drivers of growth in your business.

Used for: Growth marketing.

MLP Canvas

Develop and track the outcomes from each iteration of your minimal loveable product.

Used for: Minimal loveable products.

Paper Prototypes

Plan out your prototype the old fashioned way!

Used for: Prototyping.

Prototype Plan Canvas

Develop and document a test plan for your prototype.

Used for: Prototyping.

Scenario Canvas

Identify potential future scenarios against your organisations critical certainties.

Used for: Futures thinking workshop.