Skills of the Modern Age

Skills of the
modern age

We deliver world-class learning programs that help you learn the skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow.

Wednesday, 12th July

Up close with virtual reality

Flux Basement

Discover the world of virtual reality by experiencing product demo's from local startups and leading VR experts currently solving real problems using virtual reality.

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Wednesday, 2nd August

Rise of the bots

Flux Basement

Explore the rising proliferation of bots as they change the face of customer service, process automation and leave no industry untouched.

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Coming soon

Coding bootcamp

Flux Basement

Don't know your markup from your markdown? Join SOMA on a fun-filled Saturday morning to learn the basics of coding in a simple, relaxed atmosphere. Mentors and lunch included :).

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We're on a mission to retool Australia, one learner at a time

Australia has always been a country of the creators and innovators. We're battlers who work hard and play even harder.

However the times are changing, and the jobs of the modern age are emerging. Over the next 20 years it is estimated up to 40 per cent of Australia’s workforce - or more than 5 million people - will be replaced by automation and shifting job markets.

SOMA is on a mission to help Australia retool, reskill and get ready for the future of work in the modern age.

What we do really well


Each month we host a community meetup to explore a new skill or trend in a workshop-style format facilitated by leading members of a local community. We cover a diverse set of topics, including programming, human centered design, story telling, the 'gig' economy and everything in between.