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Case studies.

We're proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing organisations.

Program design

Communicare Innovation
Program Design.

As one of the state's largest private not-for-profits, Communicare delivers abundant value to many Western Australians in need. We had the privilege of working with the Communicare Executive team to help define their innovation ambition and leverage the passion of their people through a series of Design Sprint and capability programs.

Within the first 3-months of the program, we helped Communicare engage 19% of it's workforce across a variety of innovation activities, as well as began testing and incubating 6 new product and service innovations.

Skills program

Western Power
innovation upskilling.

We worked with the Western Power team to co-design a tailored innovation capability program over 7-months.

The program featured a structured approach to building up design thinking, agile innovation and human-centred design practices into organisations innovation community.

Agile innovation

Water Corp Agile Innovation Program.

We worked with the Water Corp Innovation Team over three months to help facilitate and embed their Agile Innovation Program.

As part of this engagement, we had the opportunity of working across diverse parts of the organisation, running Innovation Sprints and helping to build up innovation capability within the organisation.

Capability program

Y.Hub Coworking Business Spark.

As part of the Yanchep Beach Joint Venture, Y.Hub is a newly established community and business hub in the heart of Yanchep.

Through support from the Incubator Support Initiative, we delivered 8 bespoke workshops to the local business and innovation community over a 5-month period. The programs included digital marketing skills, as well as emerging future skills areas such as design thinking and lean startup.

Startups and entrepreneurship


Plus Eight.

Plus Eight was established in 2016 as a seed-funded Accelerator program helping WA startups go global. Since then, the program has invested over $800,000 in two cohorts of businesses.

After being a supporter of the Accelerator program in its first two years, we were engaged to run the newly established Plus Eight Academy in 2018. Academy offers early stage entrepreneurial education programs for founders looking to increase their skills and bridge the gap between ideation and commercialisation. The program was pilotted in mid-2018, and is scheduled to run 5 times throughout metropolitan and regional WA in 2019.


Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is a fast-paced, non-competitive hackathon aimed at teaching people the foundations of building a startup business. Over 100 people from all backgrounds and experiences form teams on a Friday night and go through an intensive process of business building in just 54-hours. Over the weekend, teams are taught Lean startup principles to develop, test, validate and prototype an innovative business model.

Since launching in Perth in 2012, Startup Weekend Perth has held 13 sellout events with participation from over 1600 entrepreneurs, mentors, observers, and judges.


Founder Institute.

Founder Institute is a global incubator headquartered in Silicon Valley that helps aspiring companies and entrepreneurs launch enduring products through a 14-week training and mentoring program.

Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across six continents and 110+ cities, the Founder Institute mission is to "Globalize Silicon Valley." The Founder Institute launched in Perth in 2013 and has since helped over 50 startups launch new technology products.

Community event

F*ck Up Nights

Fuckup Nights is the most active creators movement on the planet. Each month over 10,000 people go to fuckup nights to listen to 3 people share stories of their professional failures. The movement is dedicated to three kinds of people: those who have failed; those who will fail; and the liars.

We bought Fuckup Nights to Perth in 2018 in partnership with our friends from Impact Seed and have run quarterly events at local community venues throughout Perth.

Innovation facilitation


Landgate Hack Attack.

Held as part of the Agency's innovation month, Landgate Hack Attack bought together over 80 Landgate people to develop solutions to organisational problems and opportunities over a day long program.

The hackathon resulted in over 15 ideas developed, validated, prototyped and then pitched back to the senior leadership team. Many of the ideas received funding and progressed onto development following the event.

Design sprint

Department of Communities Idea hack

The Liveable Communities Idea hack was a collaborative ideation session between industry, government and the public with an objective to identify what future WA communities may look like.

Over the full day workshop over 80 ideators came together and through a facilitated journey, identified solutions that were pitched back to ministers and government leaders.


Fiona Stanley Health Hack.

A weekend long experience, Health Hack, involved over 100 innnovators, clinicians and researchers to solve some of the biggest problem in the health sector.

Over 54-hours, teams worked together a the Fiona Stanley Hospital, culminating in 15+ solution prototypes pitched on the Sunday night. This event also involved the support of Spacecubed, Aegis, Fini Group and HealthEngine.

Bespoke workshop.

Monadelphous candidate experience design.

Working with the business improvement and human resources team, we used design thinking techniques to rapidly review and ideate on the new candidate experience process.

Through the process we used tools to uncover empathy-based insights, as well as drew on service design frameworks to current a future service blueprint.

Bespoke workshop.

Bankwest Service design.

In collaboration with the new Service Design chapter, we codeveloped a bespoke learning experience to upskill Bankwest team members in Service design.

The program emphasised creativity, collaboration and highly-experiential learning and linked strongly to the organisations other learning and development initiatives currently underway.

Futures of thinking

All Saints College Future of Ed.

Over two sessions, we worked with the All Saints College Leadership team and Board to identify potential future areas of focus through our Futures Thinking Process.

Through the session, we mapped the driving forces, environmental trends and identified future scenarios in order to agree 4 'big bets' that could inform the Colleges strategic plan.

Design sprint

Water Corp design sprint.

Drawing on design thinking, Google design sprint and Lean Startup philosophies, the Water Corp Design Sprint saw 20 leaders come together to rapidly develop solutions that would increase the efficiency of commercial water consumption.

The program mixed commercial objectives and participant learning, with the project sponsors walking away with over 60 new ideas, 4 developed solutions and new capabilities within their teams.

Program design

UWA Future Camp.

A collaboration with the University of Western Australia and SOMA, UWA Future Camp brought together 60 UWA Alumni to learn about some of the emerging technologies and skillsets starting to effect the future of work.

Through the program, participants heard from experts on bots, automation, virtual reality, social enterprise and had the opportunity to try out the technology of some of the WA's leading startups.

Facilitation + program design.

WA Innovation Facilitator Forum.

We facilitated and organised the 2018 'WA Innovation Facilitation Forum,' which bought together over 40 innovation leaders from the regions in a journey of sharing lessons learned and capability upskilling.

The Facilitator Forum was organised by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and made possible through funding from the federal government’s Entrepreneurs’ Program (Incubator Support Initiative) with partnership support from the Meshpoints network.

Bespoke workshop.

Design thinking facilitation.

Engaged by the Organisational Development team, we worked with the Murdoch IT leadership team to explore design thinking foundations and application.

Over the workshop we used a hands-on process to explore the importance of empathy in solution design, as well as tactics to rapidly prototype potential solutions.

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