The Rapid Design Sprint Toolkit

Rapid Design
Sprint Toolkit

18 free tools to help you run an impactful, human-centred and outcome-focussed Design Sprint.

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18 of the best Design Sprint tools.

Our toolkit is designed to help you answer the most important questions throughout your design sprint journey.


  • Design challenge - What is our design challenge? What does success look like?
  • Idea canvas - What top of mind ideas do we already have? What have we tried before?
  • Current state map - What is our current state process?
  • How might we's - How might we solve our user's core problem?


  • Heroes and Villains canvas - What sources of inspiration exist?
  • Customer canvas - Who are we designing for?
  • Proto-personas - Who is our customer, really?
  • Empathy canvas - What does current think, feel, say and do?
  • Jobs-to-be-done - What is our user trying to achieve?


  • Crazy 8's - What out of the box ideas do we have?
  • Idea prioritisation - What solutions have the most potential?
  • Idea sketch - What is our one big idea?
  • Assumption canvas - What assumptions exist in our idea?


  • Lean UX canvas - What are we prototyping?
  • Wizard of Oz canvas - What will our customer experience?
  • Storyboard canvas - How will our prototype work in the real-world?
  • Service blueprint - How will we deliver the prototype experience?
  • Hypothesis canvas - What are we testing?

Design sprints done right

Learn from the best and get the most out of your design sprint process by using the most up-to-date tools and techniques.

The canvasses included in this toolkit are inspired by the principles and techniques used by Google Ventures to test and validate new ideas, popularised in the book ‘Sprint’ by Jake Knapp. The techniques also draw on design thinking and human-centred design practices and approaches.

This pack is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You are free to copy, share and adapt the tools, providing you pay it forward and share it with the wider community.

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Who is this for?

The Rapid Design Sprint Toolkit is designed for innovators, entrepreneurs and anyone else looking for a structured approach to testing new ideas, solving a complex problem or exploring a potential opportunity area.

The pack is designed so that it can be used by an individual undertaking a Design Sprint solo, or as part of a facilitated group workshop.

Why run a Design Sprint?

Exploring new opportunities can be hard. Our internal bias and passion can overshadow our sense and we can sometimes fall in love with our idea or get caught in the weeds of a sticky problem.

This pack helps innovators leverage the best techniques and approaches to explore new ideas and opportunities in a structured way that is proven to work.

How do I use this pack?

This pack includes 18 canvasses divided into four phases of opportunity exploration: define, discover, diverge and deliver.

This toolkit is not intended as a strict process to be used cover-to-cover. As any good library of resources, use what works for your individual style, what's the right 'tool for the job' and what resonates with you most.

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